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Effective communication – direct and barrier-free accessible

Providing maximum information content at negligible cost to open-minded recipients – that is how we describe our email marketing strategy.

Emails have not joined the fleet of the most important communication media without reason. Compared to traditional mail, they are fast, dynamic and cost-saving; compared to telephony they require less time and fewer staff. Compared to print advertising they are unbeatably inexpensive – and, unlike all these measures, are accessible at any time and whereever stationary or mobile devices can be used. In other words, virtually anywhere. The analysis options even make it capable of gathering knowledge about non-prospects, evaluating it and implementing it for the optimisation of future releases.
The email is a winner on the receiver side too: No other contact medium provides such direct and uncomplicated response options. Via dynamic links, links can be created to parallel worlds and even be adapted and driven according to current mailings and ongoing campaigns.